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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wrap that Rascal!

"It's hard to say this conclusively, and judges from other host cities may demand a recount, but Clay Adams of Vancouver Coastal Health said the word on the public health street is that Vancouver is king of the prophylactic winter rings." - CNN

Look at that... Distributing 100,00 condoms. Good for them! Canadians are always so concerned about safety. Unless you're a luger... I'm sorry, was that harsh? Really though was this the most important think you could think to do for safety? 

"Hey, there's some wicked bad curves on the track, oh well! Eh, did ya pass out all them condoms?"

"Oh what there's zero visibility on the downhill skiing slopes? Well, if we can't fix it with a rubber, it's not getting fixed."

You get the idea. Of course I know that the people who control safety and these condom droppers are different people, but it's no fun completely agreeing with something. Check out the quote at the end of the article saying that 35 million condoms were passed out for Mardi Gras in Rio. That's a lot of latex


Roseykrh said...

Why is this a CNN story? Lol.

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