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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Best Picture Expands Candidate Pool

"In a surprise announcement the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said Wednesday that it would double the number of nominees for the best-picture Academy Award to 10 from 5, returning to a practice it used more than a half-century ago when the number of films released was larger.
The move constitutes the most radical revision of the Oscar-night ritual in recent memory."- NY Times

Ok, seriously, is this neccesary Academy? I mean, honestly do we really need to expand from 5 to 10? Generally there aren't even 5 movies that are really good enough to lump into the "Best Picture Category". Is it a stunt to get people to watch? In my opinion, just because a category has expanded doesn't give me more reason to watch. 

  It's been a long time since they have been worth watching anyway. Instead of expanding a category to include several more movies that shouldn't have made the cut, why don't they add new categories? Something creative, something that makes people want to watch. Even better, how about they don't advertise who's nominated for each category? By the time the show rolls around people have a pretty good idea who is going to win anyway. Make it a surprise, name them the night of the show. The suspense would encourage people to watch. Well, that's my view.


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