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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Make Like a Tree and Leif

 Leif Garrett has been arrested.
The 1970s pop star was busted Monday in Los Angeles for possession of a controlled substance, TMZ reports.
- Fox News

Why is this news? It's not the 70's. People simply don't give a crap about Leif Garrett. Sure, I'm posting about this so obviously I care in some way, right?

Wrong. I don't care about him, I care that someone is calling it news. Oh look, a junkie got busted again. This is common place all over the US, yet because this guy had 15 minutes of fame (if even), he gets to be "Headline News"?

Look, I can buy drugs like him, I can get busted just like him, I'm not famous, so no one cares. Well, guess what? He's not famous anymore. He's been a junkie for years and has seen the spotlight since his crappy music came out. I don't wish any ill will towards him, it's not his fault that people think he's news. I hope he can overcome his addiction problems, he's obviously had them for a long time now. Let's all snap back to the 10's and forget that this guy was famous. Can we do that? I certainly can. 


Roseykrh said...

When I was like 7 I had a white t-shirt with an a picture of Leif Garrett. It was one of those plastic, glittery looking iron on transfers they used to do back in the day. He sure was a pretty girl.

Okay, I googled it and found it. Here's what my shirt looked like.

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