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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Census Anyone?

"Groves recently toured hard-hit communities to try to ease those concerns, telling residents that participating in the census could lead to better communities with paved roads, more electricity and improved schools. An estimated $400 billion will be dispersed around the country based on census results.

"The benefits of participating in the census are quite large," said Groves. "If you get counted, you get your fair share of that money.""

Ok, so first, let me start by saying I don't plan on quoting in every post. After the jump hear me roar... or something.

The full article basically says "Oh hey, illegal immigrants, please participate in the census, so we can give your communities money."

WHAT? So I realize the point of a census is to count how many people are living in this country. That means, legal or illegal. However, saying that it's cool that you're illegal, we don't care, in fact, we'll throw money at you, is absurd. 

My political view in general doesn't matter, this is a matter of logic. You're here illegally, we want to know. Logical. We don't want to know so we can deport you, we want to know so we can improve your illegal communities. Logical? No, it isn't. We're in a recession/depression and we're thinking a good idea is giving money to illegals so they live more comfortably in this country? I don't. I'm not some crazy who thinks we should deport everyone, I just don't think we should take money that can go to other dismal communities to make life easier for them. 

Please people give me some opinions on this. Am I crazy?


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